Education System of the Republic of Cuba

 The Republic of Cuba adopted the socialist form of government as its form of government. The most basic principle of the education system is expressed by the constitution as follows: "Everyone has the right to receive free education at all levels." In Cuba, there were great problems in the field of education before the revolution. The majority of the rural and urban populations were illiterate. The primary goal was to increase literacy rates. Compulsory and free education was introduced in primary schools. The first major change in the education system was realized with the volunteer system. Those who could read and write taught those who could not. Classes are held in schools for 220 days and it is 6-7 hours per day. Job guarantees for high school and university graduates are guaranteed by the state. Skills play an important role in the education system. Putting knowledge into practice is one of the basic principles. There is a lot of space in schools to provide social deve